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    Computing Facility

    • 4 x NVIDIA DGX-1 cluster equipped with

      • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 (16 core, Haswell-EP)
      • 8x NVIDIA Tesla P100 (3584 CUDA Cores)
      • 512GB DDR4-2133 (LRDIMM)
      • 128GB HBM2 (8x 16GB)
      • 4x Samsung PM863 1.92TB SSDs
      • 4x Samsung PM863 1.92TB SSDs
      • 4x Samsung PM863 1.92TB SSDs

    • 4 x Workstations

    Next Generation Sequencing Facility

    The Next Gen Sequencing Center offers Illumina sequencing by synthesis. It is equipped to isolate, quantitate, evaluate quality of nucleic acid preparations and prepare libraries for sequencing using a workflow that minimizes contamination. The Illumina sequencer is covered under an annually renewed PROD Care NSQ 550 Comprehensive service contract through Illumina. It guarantees an average 3 business day on-site response time by a field engineer, full coverage on parts and labor, and an annual preventative maintenance visit. The center also offers microarray processing and analysis. We will train, support, and provide fee-for-service work, access to ancillary equipment for sample preparation and bioinformatics support to Center investigators and the wider scientific community.
    • Illumina NextSeq 550 . Features include: reads up to 150 bp long; low cost/base; fast turn-around times; mid- or high-output modes (150M or 400M clusters/sample, respectively).
    • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer to analyze the quality of protein, DNA and RNA.
    • Nanodrop and Qubit 4 to determine the concentration of nucleic acids.
    • Real Time PCR for superior accuracy of quantification


Supported by NSF

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