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  PhD Electrical Engineering, August 2008 - present
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prairie View A&M University

M.S. Electrical Engineering, August 2008 GPA: 3.6/4.0
Department of Electrical Engineering
Tuskegee University

B.S. Electrical Engineering, May 2005 GPA: 3.2/4.0
Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Experience
  Research Assistant, Prairie View A&M University, January 2010-present
Developing USRP testbed for distributed and centralized CR operation.
Investigating CR features that will ensure that CR communications are resilience and robust against security attacks. 

Research Assistant, Prairie View A&M University, August 2008- December 2009
Developed practical test scenarios using the PacketStorm Network emulator to degrade traffic flow in a VoIP testbed to subsequently implement control parameters to improve traffic flow.
Measure the performance of the practical test scenarios under multiple wireline/wireless configurations and using the Wireshark network packet analyzer.

Research Assistant, Tuskegee University, August 2006- August 2008
Designed and investigated Call Admission Control (CAC) algorithms to regulate the inherent bursty nature of voice traffic in wireless mobile ad hoc networks.
Developed Matlab simulations that regulated traffic according to their priority in the network in an emergency situation.

  Electronics Engineer, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD June 2010-August 2010
Published a technical report on Primary User Emulation (PUE) attack in Cognitive Radio Networks.
Conducted a Literature Review of current defenses against PUE attacks in Cognitive Radio.

Guest Researcher, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD June 2009-August 2009
Developed two Matlab programs for analyzing the performance of an Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) simulation in QualNet and emulation in the Mobile Ad Hoc Emulation (MANE) tool.
Developed versatile client/server UML architecture in Rhapsody for the implementation of OLSR.
Investigated the situational awareness of ad hoc networks by analyzing simulations and emulations.

FASTREC Instructor, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, June 2008-August 2008
Taught basic principles of chemistry and physics from approved curriculum and developed daily lesson plans.
Administered quizzes and exams, and assigned and graded homework.
Motivated students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process.

Electrical Engineer,Washington Group International, Pine Bluff, AR June 2007-August 2007
Created a database containing the predefined parameters of variable speed drives to serve as a backup when parameters are arbitrarily purged from the system.
Determined the reason the Pass Filtration Coolers (PFC) Coolers were loosing predefined programmed parameters during the semiannual preventative maintenance (PM) inspections.
Designed a wiring layout for the breaker test cabinet connection to switchgear performance in the facility.
Began assigning TAG numbers to heat tracing circuits to enable devices to be energized at proper levels.

Distribution Engineer, Georgia Power Company, Atlanta, GA June 2005-August 2005
Assisted in performing engineering functions including meeting with customers, determining service needs, designing line extensions, estimating costs, preparing drawings and coordinating construction.
Successfully designed a residential subdivision by designing the layout on the plat, scheduling construction dates, utilizing the technical applications of JETS and SOCKET for estimates.
Assisted in power restoration efforts due to storms and other outages by performing light checks, riding lines and determining the faults of power outages.
Assisted engineers in taking the instantaneous, nominal and peak readings at substations.
Process Improvement Engineer, Procter & Gamble, Augusta, GA May 2004-August 2004
Identified root causes of the high bar MSG (Making Synthetic Granules) raw material variances.
Created a document explaining the root cause of the variance and identified cost savings.
Developed a plan for the reduction of variances.

Process Improvement Engineer, Procter & Gamble, Augusta, GA  May 2003-August 2003   
Troubleshooter for Procter and Gamble's Electronic Rounds Log Software Database.
Increased the efficiency by 80% for the security system using the P&G software EaRL.
Implemented EaRL for Fire System by: updating database, training users, installing applications and modifying reports as necessary.
Identified FPD (Finished Product Delivery) needs for webcam technology, identified possible solutions for improving productivity and demonstrated effort savings would increase productivity by 75%.

Computer Skills
  HBGI Fellowship, August 2010 - present
National Science Foundation Fellowship, September 2009- May 2010
Army Research Office (ARO) Fellowship, September 2008- May 2009
Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship, August 2006- May 2008