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Date of Birth: 01/28/1981 Email:gsong_buaa@hotmail.com Home:281-855-2386
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Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering        Augest 2005 ~
Department of Electrical Engineering
Priarie View A&M University

M.S. of Industry and System Engineering        Mar.2005      GPA:3.7/4.0
School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation
Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

B.S. of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering      July 2002      GPA:3.1/4.0
School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation
Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Research Experience
  Project, Configuration of the Cellular Manufacturing System on shop floor, Flexible Manufacturing System Center 07/2004~Present
Utilized simulation technology (eM-plant) and clustering algorithm (BEA) to optimize the group of the machines on shop floor, in order to avoid the conflicts of the resource and improve the work efficiency
Research Assistant, A Heuristic Algorithm for Parallel-Machine Weighted E/T problem, Flexible Manufacturing System Center 11/2003~04/2004
Associated with designing a two-stage heuristic algorithm for large-scale parallel machine E/T problem, proposed a dispatch rule for jobs assignment to machines and adopted a decision theory based algorithm for single machine scheduling
Developed programs to conduct simulation experiments to examine the feasibility and efficiency of the algorithm to solve large scale scheduling problems on work center

Research Assistant, Hopfield Neural Network Based Approach for Machining Operations Sequencing, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory 06/2003~12/2003
Presented the optimization problem by a permutation matrix and set up a simplified energy function with considering three process plan rules as the constraints
Developed rograms for conducting simulation experiments and gained feasible solutions by the configuration of appropriate network coefficientss

Research Assistant, Web-based Manufacturing Execution Information System on Shop Floor for Sian Aero Engine Company, CIMS Laboratory 08/2003~11/2002
Associated with designing a MRP decomposing algorithm combining network graph with MRP and represented the results with Gantt Chart
Co-designed and developed the inventory management sub-system to achieve accurate record of raw-materials, WIP and the assemble and disassemble relationships of materials

Project, Development of the software for experiment design and results analysis based on Taguchi method, Quality Engineering Laboratory 02/2002~06/2002
Designed and developed a software tool for supporting one-way ANOVA and two-way ANOVA based on VC++ MFC
Furthered developing the tool by combining Orthogonal Arrays with Signal-to-Noise analysis as my undergraduate final project
  Song Gao, Jian Wang, ¡°A Hopfield Neural Network Algorithm for Machining Operation Sequencing¡±, Mechanical Engineering & Automation, vol.3, 2005, Forthcoming
Jian Wei, Song Gao, Jian Wang ¡°A heuristic algorithm for parallel machines earliness and tardiness scheduling problem¡±, Journal of Control Theory and Applications, submitted
Song Gao,Yangjianjun, ¡°Research of Manufacturing Process Information Integration Technology¡±, Mechanical Engineering & Automation, vol.5, 2005, Forthcoming
  Software Engineer, Computer Center, Bank of China(Head Office) (www.bank-of-china.com)    04/2005~08/2005
Responsible for the development and implementation of the information system for Call Center, online bank of Bank of China (BOC)

Software Engineer Beijing Sunrise Technology Development Limited (www.dzqz.com)    03/2002~09/2002
Associated with the development of Customer Relationship Management Information system of JinanHuaneng Pneumatics Corp. based on J2EE platform, responsible for on-line order and production configuration sub-systems
Substituted the original ordering method by fax with the on-line purchasing system in the sales department of JinanHuaneng Pneumatics Corp.

Computer Skills
  Experienced with Java, J2EE, XML, ODBC, Multithread
Familiar with C/C, MFC, VC++, Oracle, SQLSERVER
Experienced with MATLAB, eM-Plant, Microsoft Project
Limited with ILOG
Awards & Certification
  Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship, 2003
3rd Prize of National English Contest 2001
Outstanding student leader Prize of BUAA 1999~2000
Microsoft Certified System Engineer certified since 2000

Language Ability

  TOEFL: 627, TWE: 5.5/6.0      GRE: V 740 (99%) Q 800 (97%) A 780 (96%)